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Nyege Nyege Festival

Know about the Nyege Nyege Festival, Jinja

Nyege Nyege is amongst the top vibrant festivals in Africa. This annual musical event takes place in Jinja, a tourist spot in the eastern region of Uganda. September is the month when people from various parts of the world converge to enjoy the unending charms of Nyege Nyege.

This fete is for those who are addicted to music, fashion show, fresh beers and a lot more. If you haven’t attended one, be sure not to miss this coming event. It is full of fun and enjoyment. Before you board the plane to Entebbe Airport, this information highlighted below is paramount.


The usual hosting place for Nyege Nyege is in Jinja at the notable and cascading Itanda falls. It is about 27 kilometers from Jinja town. It is near iconic spots like Busowoko falls, Nile River explorers, to name but a few.

How to get there

You have three options to get there. You can use public transport, hire a car or book a taxicab at EBB Airport. Most visitors from abroad choose to rent a 4×4 car or use a taxicab.

If you don’t want to keep an eye on the rented vehicle, get the EBB taxi to drop you at the Itanda falls. It is cheap and more convenient. Reserve in advance. The driver will wait for you at the Airport on the arrival day. Meet and greet. After travel direct from Entebbe Airport to Jinja.

Entry permission

The festival isn’t free of charge. You have to buy a ticket that issues the entry permission. This ticket is valid for all the days. Starting from day one until it ends. Be sure to buy one in time before there are sold out.

There is discounted offers for early buyers. When demand for the ticket increases, the prices also hike up. To be on a safer side, get yourself one in advance, like three weeks to the event.

Number of Days

Nyege Nyege festival lasts for four days. It usually starts on a Thursday and ends on a Sunday in the month of September. The dates aren’t fixed. Revelers, including visitors from different countries of the World spend four days treating themselves with sensational music, fresh beers, local cuisine, roasted meat, chicken, boat cruise and more.


There is temporary installed accommodation reserved for you at a cost. If not that, you can rent a tent or come with one. Some people who don’t want to spend on accommodation choose to have sleepless nights. It is possible. The night is filled with classical music and entertainment shows.

Dressing code

Decent dressing is advised. You are free to put on dresses, short and sweater pants, trousers, patra jeans, and any other clothing provided it covers the private body parts. No one is allowed to move when naked.

What’s in the Festival?

It is just enjoyment. People spend four days soaking up the charming music, savoring local cuisine, showcasing fashion, culture, drinking various brands of beers, participating in thrilling activities like boat cruise, dancing, and more. There is also some stalls that exhibit different goods produced by local and international companies.

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