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Rafting the Nile

If you plan a tour in Uganda, don’t omit the eastern part of this country. It has a lot to explore, including nature, culture, adrenaline, and wildlife. You engage in multiple mind-blowing activities. The region is ideal for those who are there for short or long-term holidays.

Here is how you tour eastern Uganda on budget. The main two things to focus on are accommodation and transport. You can choose Jinja or Mbale as the base for your tour around this region.


Any city you choose has some budget or mid-range lodging facilities for you. The rates start from 20 USD per day. Use online platforms like booking, Expedia, and aviator to get better deals on accommodation.


If you hate spending more on transportation, this option is for you. Reserve a taxicab at Entebbe Airport in advance. It is cheap and convenient. Share the arrival details. The driver will wait for you on the day you come to Uganda. Meet and share greetings. After, enjoy your drive to Jinja or Mbale.

The taxicab is available for one-way or two-way transfer. You can even choose to be with it for the days you will be in Eastern Uganda.


  • Jinja Tourist city

It’s hard to find a list of top enchanting places in Uganda without Jinja. Situated along the shores of Lake Victoria and River Nile, Jinja is a must-visit. It has a lot for someone who fancies a fun-filled holiday.

The list of breathtaking activities to try in this city includes, bungee jumping, white water rafting, tubing the Nile, boat cruise, quad biking, water sliding, and kayaking. Accommodation facilities (budget, midrange, and luxury) are everywhere.

  • Sipi falls

These gushing waterfalls hide in the Kapchorwa district. It invites a big audience from different parts of the world. A drive from Mbale town requires about one hour to reach these falls.

Hiking is the best way to explore these falls. The adventure is incredible and exposes you to multiple things, including nature, caves, farmlands, insects, and views of escarpments. It takes about 3-4 hours to finish the hike of these three waterfalls.

  • Mountain Elgon.

It is for those who are addicted to Mountain hiking adventures. This physical feature is 45 km from the heart of Mbale city. A trek to the top feeds travelers spectacular views of the stretching landscapes, wildlife, towering hills, and more.

From the eastern part, you continue to the Karamoja sub-region for more beautiful moments. This region impresses tourists with its unique culture, food, wildlife in Kidepo valley national park, and more.

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