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Entebbe International Airport - Kampala

Entebbe International Airport

Covid-19 Testing at Entebbe Airport

Entebbe airport is the main gateway to Uganda for all travelers coming in by plane. Covering a total area of 40.5 square kilometers, this property is the country’s international aviation facility.

It is located about 47 kilometers southwest of Kampala, the nation’s capital. It occupies some part of the land along the shores of Lake Victoria.

After EBB, the nearby stop is Entebbe town, an area that consists of residential places like lodges and hotels, shopping malls, commercial buildings, and tourist spots like beaches, gardens, and the Zoo.

Entebbe airport welcomes multiple planes that bring in travelers from various parts of the world daily. It is open 24 hours.

After the outbreak of the novel Covid-19 virus, all airports around the globe introduced mandatory testing for all incoming travelers. If you need to know how it is going at EBB airstrip just continue reading below.

Arriving travelers

At first only visitors from high-risk countries like the USA, UAE, South Sudan, Turkey, Kenya, South Africa and more checked in for the arrival test at 65 USD per person.

Right now all travelers to Uganda from other parts of the world must come with a negative Covid-19 test done within 72 hours.

Once at the landing strip you again do another PCR test at 30 USD. It is a must for everyone even though you are fully vaccinated.


For those who are leaving Uganda for other nations, you have to present a negative PCR test done from a recognized laboratory within 72 hours. Make sure to know the requirements for your next travel destination.

Travelers to Dubai are required to have two tests before boarding including the one done six hours to departure time.

Covid-19 Testing centers

For arriving passengers there is a newly established testing center for you. You can do payment for the test in advance or on arrival. To save time it is better you pay online before you get to Uganda.

After taking your swabs you are free to proceed to your next destination. Results will find you at your location by email or text message. At first, travelers used to wait but this created too much congestion.

After raised complaints, the meeting between officials from the ministry of health, parliamentary committee and UCAA decided to allow travelers to go to their next locations before results.

For those moving out of the country you can do the test at any recognized laboratory. Uganda has multiple centers for this exercise.

The list includes government properties and private facilities like test and fly, lancet, mild may, Safari lab, Kazuri medical, Case clinic, Victoria hospital, Medipal and a lot more.

If you want to use test and fly, it has a branch in Kampala along Yusuf Lule road near the embassy of the United Arab Emirates.

The other branch is in Entebbe, plot 24 Julia Sebutinde road. You can do a rapid test issued within 45 minutes or a 24 hour PCR test. Apart from that, if you are not sure of how to get from Entebbe airport just contact us for a taxicab at favorable rates.

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