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Entebbe International Airport - Kampala

Entebbe Town

Top 10 Cities near Entebbe Town

Home to the country’s international runway, Entebbe is one of Uganda’s most known towns. It is located in the central region of the state. Some parts of this area lie along the shores of Lake Victoria and dotted by a wide array of tourist draws.

With its, tranquil environment, countless things to see and do, it is no surprise that holidaymakers love to spend some good time within this area.

Traveling from this place by an airport taxi you can get to multiple engaging cities that stud the various regions of the nation. Highlighted below are some of them.


Globally known as Uganda’s capital, Kampala is not only the biggest city but also the closest to get to from Entebbe. The distance between these two points is about 45 km. It can take like 50 – 60 minutes to drive by Car via Entebbe – Kampala highway.

Kampala differentiates itself unique with a range of engaging things including tourist attractions, beautiful skyscrapers, deluxe accommodation facilities, posh eateries, captivating, shopping malls, and more.

For a peculiar experience of what this city has to offer, make sure to soak up its lively nightlife. With its location in the central region, it is mostly referred to as the gateway to other intriguing parts of the country.


If you are a person who loves to delve into a mix of adrenaline and relaxed experiences, Jinja is yours. This astounding spot is situated in the eastern part of the country.

It is home to the source of the River Nile. From the ebb landing strip, it is not less than 150km up to Jinja. Tourists visit this place to enjoy its tranquil atmosphere and partake in multiple captivating pursuits like White water rafting, zip-lining in Mabira, boat cruise, and picnicking.

Fort Portal

Found in the Toro sub-region – Western Uganda, Fort portal is ranked as the nation’s cleanest city. You can travel up to this location by Car. The distance is about 318km and the drive takes like 4-5 hours.

The prominent draws that invite trippers to Fort are Kibale Forest National Park (the country’s primate hub), the royal palace of Toro kingdom, and Amabere ganyina mwiru.


Heading to the northern part of Uganda you find Gulu, one of the greatest areas in the state. It is a great base for those who would wish to explore Murchison Falls National Park.

Taking a drive via Kampala – Masindi – Gulu road requires about 5-6 hours to accomplish the 380 kilometers.


This is a city in the West Nile region. It is about 500 kilometers from the capital up to Arua. The only way to get there is by private vehicle or public bus. The time for this journey range between 7 – 8 hours other factors remaining constant.


Located 270 km from Kampala, Mbarara is the biggest city in the western part of Uganda. It’s an incredible stop for those who are after delving into the region’s natural wonders like protected areas, mountains, crater lakes, hot springs, waterfalls to name but a few.


Another prominent city in the Eastern region is Mbale. It hides in the Bugisu sub-region. For anyone to see the Sipi falls, soak up Mountain Elgon National Park or other attractions in the region, don’t hesitate to base from this area of the Bagisu group of people.


Occupied by the Baganda tribe, Masaka is an engaging city in Central Uganda. It is dotted with great buildings, pretty streets, girdled by banana plantations and farms. You can reach this locale by Car via Kampala – Masaka – Mbarara route.


Are you after immersing yourself into the never-ending charms in the Lango Sub-region? Make sure to base from Lira.

Most of the parts in this area are home to the Langi people. From Kampala, it is 380 kilometers, and the drive-by Car needs like 5-6 hours.


Another city in the central part of the country is Wakiso. It is a few kilometers from Kampala and most of its parts are occupied by residential houses. The distance between these two locales is about 8km and 58 km from Entebbe.


This spot sits in Hoima districts, the home of Uganda’s oil products. It is situated in the Bunyoro sub-region. It is possible to get there by Car via Kampala – Hoima road. About 3-4 hours are enough to finish the 235km from Entebbe to this city of the Banyoro tribe.


Listed among the far isolated cities, Kabale is a must-see. It hides in the Western part of Uganda and is girded by a wealth of tourist attractions like National Parks, mountains, lakes, and rolling hills.

From Entebbe, it is about 400km to Kabale. Driving by Car will require not less than six hours to reach this place.

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