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Bus Operators Hike Transport Fares from Kampala, Uganda

Due to the day to day increase of the fuel rates in Uganda, bus operators are also taking a step to hike the prices for transport from Kampala city to other parts of the country.

Mr. Solomon Nsimire, the acting chairperson of the united bus owners association said that this is hard to avoid because they can’t work in losses. Travelers have to bear with it and a decision is reached after a consultative meeting.

Several companies offer the service to customers who need to connect from the capital to various places in the western, northern or eastern region.

If you want to enjoy the service, don’t delay to visit one of the bus terminals in Kampala. Passengers congest these points especially in the festive season (December). For those who hate chaotic places, make sure to travel in the second week of December or use private means.

While in the city, try to be very alert and avoid crowded places. Thieves use this chance to target and steal people’s things like phones, hand bags, money and more. Listed below are the revised fares. There are expected to increase as the Christmas day nears.

Western Region

Masaka             Shs 20,000

Mbarara            Shs40, 000

Ntungamo         Shs 50,000

Rukungiri          Shs 60,000

Kabale               Shs 70,000

Kisoro                Shs 80,000

Kanungu             Shs 50,000

Kasese                 Shs 60,000

Hoima                  Shs 30,000

Wanseko              Shs 40,000

Kyangwali            Shs 50,000

Masindi                 Shs 30,000

Fort Portal             Shs50, 000

Kagadi                   Shs 35,000

Mutukula               Shs 35,000

Kisiizi                    Shs 70,000

Ibanda             Shs 50,000

Kamwenge      Shs 60,000

Bundibugyo     Shs 55,000

Bwera               Shs 60,000


Eastern region

Jinja        Shs 20,000

Iganga     Shs 30,000

Mbale     Shs 40,000

Kachumbala     Shs 40,000

Bukedea     Shs 45,000

Kumi     Shs 45,000

Soroti     Shs 50,000

Serere     Shs 60,000

Katakwi     Shs 60,000

Iriiri     Shs 65,000

Matany     Shs 70,000

Moroto     Shs 80,000

Amuria     Shs 65,000

Kotido     Shs 90,000

Kabong     Shs 95,000

Karenga     Shs 100,000

Ochero     Shs 60,000


Northern region

Migera              Shs 35,000

Kigumba               Shs 45,000

Bweyale            Shs 45,000

Karuma               Shs 45,000

Kamdin corner     Shs 45,000

Gulu                      Shs 50,000

Kitgum                 Shs 65,000

Lukung     Shs 75,000

Palabel     Shs 85,000

Paloda     Shs 85,000

Orom      Shs 85,000

Karenga     Shs 95,000

Agoro     Shs 75,000

Abim     Shs 75,000

Pader     Shs 75,000

Lira     Shs 50,000

Aduku     Shs 55,000

Apach     Shs 65,000

Alegu     Shs 75,000

Moyo     Shs 75,000

Yumbe     Shs 95,000


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