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Daily Taxicab Service (24 hours) Kindly Book in Advance


Entebbe International Airport - Kampala

You have to consider various points before you choose a taxicab agency for a ride to Entebbe. Read through the short notes below to understand why passengers from various corners prefer us for shuttle services, pick up or drop off at EBB Airport.

Affordable Rates

Everyone loves to have value for his or her money. This is why we don’t want to overexploit our clients. We charge reasonable fares for different trips and ensure that the service offered is worth it.

Great Reviews

After service, clients go and reward us reviews based on their satisfaction and this builds our credibility. For the years we have been in this field, no one has given us negative reviews.

No Charge for Luggage

Cars are manufactured with space for luggage. Prices for our trips don’t include luggage and we usually take it with our passengers free of charge. Come with your suitcases, back packs, camping gear and more.

Great Vehicles Used

Cars used are good and well facilitated. The interior fittings create an environment that comforts our clients throughout their journeys. For safety, we ensure that our vehicles visit the garages for mechanical checkups.

Free Waiting Time

Some companies charge clients for the waiting time on arrivals. We understand that sometimes flights delay and this is unavoidable. Therefore we see no reason why we should incur extra costs.

Flexibility & Honesty

In business, if you are not credible enough to the public you can’t get customers. Our positive reviews, flexibility, authenticity, and honesty are some of the reasons for our credibility to different customers we serve.

Good Communication

Communication enables the service provider to get in touch with the customer. It isn’t hard to understand why we put in place all that’s required for our customers to reach us. Our online platform has an email and a phone number. Whether you send an email or what Sapp message, expect a prompt response.

Experienced Stafff

Our team includes the reservation desk, operations officer, and drivers. In service delivery, there is nothing more fantastic than using employees who are experienced, friendly, committed, and love what they do. Our recruitment process focuses more on these aspects.

24-Hour Support System

We make pick-up appointments with our customers in advance. It’s our role to ensure that there are no disappointments. Things like Car mechanical dysfunctions happen and in case of any delay, don’t hesitate to call the reservation agent such that everything is sorted out. The support service is available 24 hours. Feel free to call at any time.

Time Management

In transportation, time management is very important especially with flights. Any minute wasted can lead you to miss your flight. All our drivers are good at this and expect him at the exact time you stated. For clients, we advise you to give yourself more time for travel especially if you expect to use roads with too much traffic.