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Entebbe International Airport - Kampala

Transfer From Entebbe Airport to Kabale

Choose us, and travel without hustle from Entebbe international Airport to Kabale, one of the prominent areas in the Kigezi sub-region, western Uganda. Kabale is a cosmopolitan district with different tribes of people, including the Bakiga, Bafumbira, Bakonjo, Banyarwanda, Congolese and more.

Its headquarters are within the town. This place is home to many enthralling attractions. Therefore it isn’t a surprise that it welcomes many tourists every year. It is about 80 kilometers from Kisoro. Kisoro is a perfect base for people who need gorilla trekking in Mgahinga and Bwindi Impenetrable National park.

It requires about 7-8 hours to get from Entebbe to Kabale. The journey distance is 450 km. The easiest route is Kampala – Masaka – Mbarara road. From Mbarara town you continue with Mbarara – Kabale route.