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Cost of Fuel/Gas in Uganda, Diesel, Paraffin & Petrol

Fuel or gasoline is a necessity for anyone who would wish to drive a car or motorcycle. Vehicles around the globe use Diesel or petrol except for the electric ones. The oil industry generates revenue for multiple countries worldwide.

Each nation has its prices for fuel or gas. Total and Shell are the leading gas operators. These companies have a wealth of fuel outlets in various nations including Uganda in Africa.

The cost of fuel in Uganda varies according to the operator and area. Gasoline rates in the cities like Kampala are a bit higher than the ones for areas that receive few vehicles like in the villages.

Expect to pay 11.2 USD for a liter of Diesel, 0.8 USD for one liter of paraffin, and about 1.21.3 USD for a liter of petrol. Since there is too much competition, some operators tend to give lower rates such that they can attract customers.

The fact is that some of these stations provide fuel of poor quality. Don’t risk your car. Make sure to use trusted providers. These are Shell, Total, Stabex, and Rubis.

If you want to refill your tank, don’t delay visiting one of the outlets. All roads from Kampala to various parts of the country have stations for you.

Moreover, try to avoid petrol stations that are near wetlands. Usually, when it rains, these places experience flooding, thus diluting the gas reserve tanks.

For those who hope to visit isolated places deep in rural areas make sure to go with back up fuel in a jerrycan. Some places have no gas stations.

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