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Why Operators Charge 40 USD for EBB Airport to Kampala Trip

Travelers use taxicabs to get from Entebbe International Airport. It’s quick, safe, and affordable. To book one, you need to send an email using a contact form and negotiate with the reservationist.

Before you inquire about the cost of your trip, highlighted below are the main reasons why cab drivers charge 40 USD for a ride from EBB Airport to Kampala. These points work as well to the rates for other trips.

EBB Airport Parking

Every car that enters Entebbe Airport has to pay a fee for the parking lot. The amount depends on the number of hours or minutes spent inside. Each hour goes for half a dollar. When entering the gate, you have to pick a ticket.

Before leaving the parking lot, you must visit the automatic payment machine and clear the bill. If you don’t pay, then there is no way you can leave the Airport because the self-operating machine won’t open for you. Know that everything that concerns entry, exit, and parking at EBB is automatic.

Fuel / Gasoline

For a car to move, it has to be with fuel. We use a fuel-efficient type of car, mainly to avoid overcharging our clients. It consumes gasoline of no less than 15 US dollars (60,000 UGX) to go from Entebbe to Kampala and go back to Entebbe. Big cars like Land cruise Prado, V8, Toyota Harrier, and Range Rover can consume more than that.

Driver facilitation

No one can work for free except for volunteers. A driver sits behind the steering wheel at a cost. We use local Ugandans. The fee reserved for a driver helps him to meet his daily needs, like looking after his family, paying water and electricity bills, clothing, and more.

Car maintenance fee

Every machine needs repair. It is the main reason we deduct a portion of car maintenance from the money paid. After collecting this money on different trips, we buy new spare parts like tires, brakes, seat covers, lights, air conditioning, seat belts, and more. No one likes to sit in an unsafe car. We also disallow the use of vehicles that are in poor condition. It is dangerous to human life.

Entebbe Expressway toll fee

Entebbe expressway is a toll road from Abayita Ababiri to various points like Busega, Kajjansi, and Munyonyo. It is traffic-free and used at a cost. Saloon vehicles and SUVs pay 1.5 USD (5,000 UGX) per entry at a toll gate.

We use this road to connect from Entebbe to the suburbs of Kampala and avoid the chaotic city center. The old Entebbe road is ever busy and congested with vehicles. Very unreliable for a person who is on time.

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