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Entebbe International Airport - Kampala

Entebbe International Airport

Receive a Package from Abroad at Entebbe Airport

Located near the UN base in Uganda, Entebbe Airport is the main entry for all people and goods that come from abroad by use of air transport. For those who expect to receive packages from foreign countries but not sure of how to get it, this detailed guide is for you. It highlights the right procedure to follow and bad situations you have to be aware of before you take a step.

To receive a parcel at Entebbe Airport it has to be coming from a person such as a friend, relative or an agent in case you are dealing with a company in another nation. You ether contact the airline direct or arrange the transport with a courier company. There are various international transport agencies that offer the courier service from abroad to Entebbe Airport.

Choose one of them and get your goods delivered safely. Once they arrive in Uganda, the ground handlers at EBB Airport will transfer it to the company offices in the Kampala or Entebbe. The sender must include all the receiver’s details such as phone number and location.

The receiver will get a call notifying him or her to pick them. In case there’s any payment required, be sure to get a receipt. Expect to be required to present proof of your identity. Come with your original national identity card or passport.

Be aware of Fraudsters

These days thieves use the Entebbe Airport to steal money from people. Here’s how they do it. They target the non-informed people in public by getting in contact with them via social media platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp.

He pretends as a person who’s staying abroad n nations like the United Kingdom, Germany, USA, and more. This person requests first to be friends with you. After some time he will promise to send you gifts. As a normal person you will be excited to receive them. These people mostly use WhatsApp numbers of Nigeria.

He shares a picture of the package with you and informs that once it arrives some one will call you to receive the parcel. Next day or after a day a certain person will call your number using a local Ugandan contact.

He says that your parcel arrived please deposit the required money and we clear it. They usually request for about 400000 – 500000 UGX and more. You have to deposit these funds only by mobile money on another number he shares with you.

After forwarding this money they will switch off the phones. Up to this point is when you come to release that you have been dealing with fraudsters. Don’t be a victim. Any time these stealers can contact you but don’t ever send your money. No clearing agent requests customers to pay fees via mobile money without physical appearance or a visit to their office.

Just ignore them. Entebbe Airport doesn’t work with them. The correct process of receiving a parcel from abroad is described in the first part of this article. Ground handlers at the Airport are NAS and DAS.

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