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Entebbe International Airport - Kampala

Transport Services In Entebbe

Located a few kilometers from Kampala, the capital, Entebbe is amongst Uganda’s top touristy cities. It is globally known to be the home of the country’s international airport.

Surrounded by the shores of Lake Victoria, Entebbe town enchant tourists with a wealth of engaging allures. A weekend in Entebbe is ever mind-blowing.

The list of draws you can explore in this amazing place includes the pristine beaches, Uganda Wildlife Education Center, Botanical gardens, forests like Zika, local markets, and a lot more. Another thrilling getaway from Entebbe is the Ngamba Island Chimpanzee sanctuary.

This protected area is located on Ngamba, an island that is part of the Koome archipelago. Tourists get there by boat and engage in multiple activities including chimpanzee feeding and caretaking.

Apart from being a tourist spot, Ebb town is a great business center.

It consists of several shopping malls, retail outlets, accommodation facilities, service centers for various companies, and offices for different government institutions.

While planning to spend some days in this lakeside spot, make sure to consider transport. If you are not sure of how to get around, here are the various transport options you can use.

Hire a Special/Airport Taxi

For those who need to visit different tourist attractions in Entebbe, a taxi is the best.

Various operators provide the taxis at affordable costs. You can hire a special taxi with a driver for a full day or some specific time like 5, 6 hours or more.

If you are visiting one or two places, you can negotiate with the provider and charge you according to the distance to cover. In case you need this service, there is no reason why you shouldn’t contact us.

Rent a Private Car

If not a special taxi, you can rent a car in Entebbe with a reputable car rental agency. There are many Car hire companies in Uganda. They provide different brands of cars at competitive prices.

For those who hate driving, you can book a car with a driver. With this option, you pay the car rental costs and the driver fees per day.

Get a Boda Boda

This is for those who need a simple ride from their residential places to another point within the area.

It may a supermarket, hospital, a restaurant for some breakfast or lunch, a bar if you want to sip some beers, and more.

Take a Walk

For those who like walking, it is also possible in Entebbe. Most streets within the place offer a remarkable walking experience.

It is good not only for great sights but also for your body fitness. Try to start this excursion in the morning or evening when there is less sunshine. Night time is not safe, therefore avoid doing it in the dark.

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