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Entebbe International Airport - Kampala

Arrival Entebbe Airport

New Changes at the Entebbe International Airport

After the construction of an improved passenger terminal, Entebbe Airport exists with a new pretty look. The terminal is open and launched for use in January 2024. For someone who left Uganda in 2022 will be surprised on his or her return. The structures of the Airport are totally different and more appealing than the old ones. EBB Airport is now at the standards of an international runway.

Dont expect the congestion you used to find at the old arrival area. The new arrival and departure terminals are not only spacious but also well organized like an international airport has to be. The arrival area is big enough and free from the sunshine you used to experience at the old area. Even if it rains, there is no way arriving or departing travelers are affected. For now it is possible for the car to come right nearer to the arriving space.

In the past, cars that drop off departing passengers used to stop in the parking area and people move by foot up the to departing point. For now, it is a different case. The car drives you straight to the departures entry point. There is no more to hustle with luggage. The changes are really more favoring and perfect.

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