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Entebbe International Airport - Kampala

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Best Way to Get from Entebbe – Entebbe Airport Taxi Services

This is a question that can be asked by any person who is traveling to a new destination. It is true travelers are often less-informed about their new destinations, but once you read the detailed travel tips provided by destination guides expect to be one hundred percent on the right track.

For more Information about Entebbe international airport, were are here for you. You may be a person who is landing in Uganda for the first time. If that’s the case, you will first take in the sweeping views of landscapes that girdle Entebbe Airport.

This amazing space is the international airport of Uganda and all flights from different parts of the World land at this locality.

For all those with this question “Once I arrive at Entebbe Airport what next?” the answer is that you need to get from there up to your hotel of residence. This airport is a bit isolated, so there are no nearby accommodation facilities.

It requires you to drive for some kilometers up to Entebbe town. Since this is not your home country, it’s rare for you to own a car on your first day unless you have a friend to pick you up.

Other than that, the best option is to use Entebbe Airport Taxi services although it’s unpredictable if you didn’t book in advance.

Basing on our experience, getting a transfer taxi on arrival is what we don’t recommend. If it’s in your plans, expect to get stuck on the airport for some hours, or you will be highly-priced for your transfers (Transfer costs range from 30-50 USD – Entebbe & Kampala suburbs).

Hope this was a piece of great advice on how to plan and get from Entebbe International Airport in Uganda.

You can leave us a comment on how it helped you. Welcome to Entebbe for your short or long term holiday in the pearl of Africa and home of friendly locals.

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