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Entebbe International Airport - Kampala

Airport Taxi Entebbe

How to Get from Entebbe International Airport

Are you planning a trip to Uganda? It is undoubtedly an interesting destination you must see. There is a lot to appreciate, favorable to live and houses many friendly locals, but before you pack first think about what’s required for entry permission and how to get from Entebbe Airport up to your destination of interest.

All visitors to Uganda land in Entebbe international airport. This landing space is just situated in the Central part of Uganda. It’s about 46 km to Kampala, the capital city of Uganda.

To be issued with entry permission at Entebbe, make sure that you have the three required documents including a valid passport, yellow fever vaccination and the Visa. For your passport to be valid, it must be at least six months to its expiration date.

If you are missing one of those documents, then don’t expect to be issued with entry instead, you will just board back to your home country.

For a Visa, you can apply for it in advance using any consulate in your home country or get it arrival. If lining up is not your thing, then consider reserving for it in advance.

Once you are issued with entry to Uganda, you are free to relish its natural beauty, associate with friendly locals and as well feel comfortable with their stable security.

Entebbe airport is a bit isolated from the town where you can get service providers. Therefore you have to transfer up to your destination of interest. A question comes in, how can I easily get from Ebb Airport?

Travelers usually get from Entebbe Airport by different means, but the most convenient, comfortable and cheap mean is an airport taxi.

If you are still not sure of the best agency to use, try Airport Taxi Entebbe. It is one of the best-recommended agencies that offer transfer services from Entebbe to any location in Uganda at unbeatable prices. To ensure that your transfer services are 100% confirmed, endeavor to book in advance.

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